Handheld Mistress #33: Keroppi Causes Chain Reactions

June 19, 2015

Hi Gang!
  Thanks to folks going on vacation at work, I was unfortunately round up in a whole slew of extra shifts that took away from my blogging opportunities. Fortunately, I picked up a new blog planner over the weekend, and hopefully, I'll be able to stay more organized in the future. I got the urge a couple days ago to play Professor Layton V.S. Ace Attorney again. I stopped a while back because of course with my luck, I got super excited about saving Espella from being convicted as a witch, and wound up hitting the cartridge which released the game from the system, and of course not saving all of my extremely hard work. I was incredibly depressed, I hadn't touched the game since. I have also been exploring some of the games in my Mame Emulator, and came across a Keroppi game in Japanese, which is fine, because it isn't especially difficult, there are three levels. Level One: Hop around like the frog that you are and capture Candy falling from the Ceiling. Level Two: Jump over beach balls and barrels within 30 seconds as you travel down a grassy knoll on your way home. Level Three: Play open the treasure chest, and hope that there is loot inside.
 I also came across Magical Drop, the original. The one that I'm addicted too and have completed is Magical Drop Three, I had Magical Drop Two on my old cellphone, and now I have an emulator version of the original, which was called Chemical Reaction here in the states. The game play is the same albeit MUCH slower than the newer versions. I posted a photo on Instagram and a lot of people thought it was Bust-a-Move. Although, the game looks and type are similar, the actual mechanics are completely different. In Bust-A-Move, you have a creature holding a bow and arrow of sorts that
shoot a ball forward, you want this ball to attach to balls that match the original color so they explode, you continue until you clear the board. In Magical Drop, you have a jester who captures a marble or group of marbles of the same color from a column and moves it to another column to explode. This mechanism actually makes the game extremely easy and enjoyable, because if there is something in your way, you can simply move it to the other side and continue winning the game.
 I also got to play a decent amount of Ultra Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter X Tekken. It had been quite some time since I was able to relax and relish a couple of rounds of  one of my favorite arcade fighters with one of my absolute favorite rivals, my father. He and I get so dramatic when we play each other. I'll have to have Alex video record one of our battles. We jump around, talk mass shit and gloat ridiculously when we win.

What have you guys been playing lately? Lets talk about it on Twitter!!! Hashtag #nerdetteatlarge !!

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