Series #12: Nerdette Daily: Television

June 29, 2015

Hi Gang!

 I've got a whole bunch of stuff going on behind the scenes at the moment that I can't talk about but I decided that I would pop off a quick blog post before getting back to work. So here is what I'm currently watching on TV (internet, I don't actually have cable or even the regular channels, so everything I watch is streaming.)

Adventure Time: Alex and I watched the first two season on Netflix, but had issues finding the rest, until I realized that HuluPlus had it, so I got a subscription. We're zooming through Season 3 and on our way to Season 4, I love when the episodes take a more intimate peek into certain characters lives. I love the episodes with Marceline the best, and even though I have only seen one Fiona and Cake episode, I am hoping there are soo much more in the future, (Plus, I think I have a crush on Prince Gumball)

Sleepy Hollow: I watched the pilot, when it first came out, but it's overlooking of very very simple occult lore, annoyed me the first time around. The second time I watched it I was just as annoyed, but thanks to +Jamie Broadnax and her Twitter Time Line, she keeps making me think that maybe I should give it another try.

Say I love you: The art reminds me of My Little Monster, which I really REALLY liked, and I know it's romantically inclined, so I don't have to wait for Alex to watch it, he won't be interested. I really missed watching Anime, when I was in College, I actually used to finish entire series, and then move on to something new, but now, with the blog picking up and baking and my job, I just dont have the time to bingewatch like I used to. This will also be the first anime I've continued to watch after not liking any of the themes.

Pretty Little Liars: What I originally got Hulu Plus for, I had just finished Season 5 on Netflix, and I was so floored by the season Finale, I had to know more, and then I realized that there were episodes on Huluplus and they update every tuesday, welp, that's where I've been for the last couple of nights.

What shows have you been watching lately? I love talking about TV, just make sure you add #nerdetteatlarge to it, so I can find it on Twitter!

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