Series #18:You Should Be Watching: Beautiful Bones: Sakurako's Investigations

February 29, 2016

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I don't know if you guys are aware already, but I am addicted to mysteries. If you like mysteries as well, you MUST give this anime a try! Sakurako Kujo is an osteologist. Her fascination with bones and her forensic skill allows her to help the police solve cases that had stumped them previously. She is followed around by her assistant/guardian Shotaro, who helps navigate the waters of "proper" human conversation for her, as she is painted as someone without the proper social cues to make it in society. 
I am absolutely enthralled with this anime and I can't believe it took me so long to find it. I am really hoping that they have begun a 2nd season, because there are only 4 episodes left and I am savoring them extremely slowly. It is a subbed anime, just in case, you have an issue with that. I'm comfortable with both dubbed and subbed anime, but some people prefer it to be in english. 

Here are 5 Reasons you should be watching Sakurako's Investigation:
5. The show is incredibly intelligent. Not only are you gathering clues to solve your crime, but you are learning about forensics, anatomy and how the bones fit together inside your (human) and others (animal) Skeleton. Every episode taught me something new, and there are even footnote facts in english at the very top of the anime that tell you more about the study of bones and even different types of poisons and how they affect your immune system.

4. Sakurako herself. The show's protaganist is out of touch with humans. It is mentioned in the first episode that bones interest her more than human interaction. I personally love that about her. It is plain to see that with Shotaro's help she has more interation with living humans, and that it allows her to solve mysteries faster and more efficiently, because she is beginning to understand emotions which can influence and define Motives.

3. The Magical Girl-esque sequence that occurs when she discovers a new set of bones. Any bone is worth its weight in gold to her. It's my favorite part of each episode. It is just an incredibly beautiful piece of animation, seeing the bones of previous animals and even dinosaurs walk among her, as she begings to solve the mystery. Plus , her catchphrase: Shall we solve the mystery?" reminds me of Professor Layton which only endears me to Sakurako even more.

2. I'm absolutely infatuated with Sakurako, but I am glad she isn't the focus of every episode. I'm glad that the anime gives ample screen time to each and every character, allowing them to develop along with the story and the series. You learn about Shotaro, Utsumi and Yuriko.

1. I love that although the subject matter is serious, "murder and death" with bits of comedy spread throughout. A good protion of the time, Anime has a habit of taking itself to seriously, one of the reasons I'm not a fan of Claymore. I love that althought it is a serious show, that they allow some semblence of levity, so its not depressing all the time.

You definitely should check out this anime. I am working on finishing the series and then start my search for the manga. The manga is titled " A Corpse is Buried under Sakurako's Feet". Sakurako has been added to my list of favorite fictional heroines, and I see a fangirling post forming in the future. If you have seen this anime or read the email lets talk about it on Twitter!

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