Heart Eyes: My 5 Favorite Fictional Couples

February 10, 2016

Hey Gang!

 I've decided to do a few Valentine's Day posts for you guys! Of course it wouldn't be me if it weren't nerdy. Today I'm talking about my favorite 5 fictional couples. (These couples are real pairings and Not ships)

Bruce + Diana: Justice league Unlimited continues to be one of my favorite animated descriptions of the DC universe. Young Justice wasn't bad but it just doesn't come close. JLU did a great job of meshing the Heroes super lives with their personal ones, and I was always a huge fan of Bruce and Diana as a couple. I was extremely annoyed when the comics decided to put her with Superman. He gets an easy pass in life, he shouldn't get an easy date as well.

Oliver + Dinah: NOT ARROW(Literally, anything but arrow) Black Canary has always been one of my favorie superheroines. I love Oliver when he's with her, I think their extemes balance each other and they fit nicely together.

Haruka + Michiru: Haruka is my favorite Sailor Scout and she embodies qualities that I wished I possessed. When I was a child I thought she was the bees knees. She is an amazing character and she grounds Michiru needs it. Michiru can be extremely focused, sometimes she forgets to eat! I think their playful relationship can be serious when needs be and I love that together they care for Hotaru.

Barbara Gordon + Luke Fox: I was very excited to meet Luke Fox in the Batgirl Series. As much as I love Batman it is not know for its great diversity or inclusion of characters of color. I like the relationship between Barbara and Luke because its light and fun, and She could definitely use that in her life.

Veronica + Logan: unless you're new here, everyone should know how much I love Veronica Mars. It is still to date my favorite mystery series. Even though their situation is rather dire in the beginning, Logan becomes the anchor that keeps Veronica from drowning in the corruption of Neptune, California.

Honorable Mention: Spokh + Uhura (J.J. Abrams) This is an honorable mention only because for the longest time this was the relationship I wanted. I was super enamored with Spock, and Vulcan Sugar and Spice was named for my love Star Trek and His culture.

Who are some of your favorite couples? Tell me below or on twitter! Let's gush!

Until Next Time,
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