Heart Eyes: Self - Care Playlist

February 8, 2016

Hey Gang!

 I wanted to do something sweet and dorky for the week of Valentine's Day. Even though, I've found my special someone doesn't mean that even around this time I don't get a little sad. So I thought to start my Heart Eyes series off right, we have to worry about taking care of ourselves, and then we can be content with drooling over our super hot fictional Significant others, or for those lucky to have them, their real life counterparts.
 Here are a few songs I like to hear whenever I need a boost, or I've had a long day. I call this a self-care playlist, because it implies that It is caring for your self. Self Care is just a series of events or things that allow you to calm down from a difficult week or situation, and just to refresh yourself and your psyche.


 Hailee Steinfield: You're Such A

 Neon Hitch: Some Like it Hot

 Jessi: Ssenunni (This is a huge confidence boost for me. I blast this everywhere.)

Halestorm: Love Bites (So Do I)

SNSD: The Boys ( There is an English Version is you prefer.)

Miss A: I Don't Need A Man

Paramore: Still Into You

Karmin: Walking On The Moon

Cage The Elephant: Come a little Closer

Foster The People: Call It What You Want

Elle Varner: So Fly

G-Dragon:  Who You

Infinite H: Without You (Ft. Zion T (One of my favorite Korean Rappers) )

Avril Lavigne: Everything back but you

Beyonce': Countdown

Anarbor: You and I ( I can literally listen to this on repeat forever and not get tired, its so peppy)

Naomi Pilgrim: No Gun

Coldplay: Hymn For The Weekend (Ft. Beyonce')

Little Mix: Black Magic

Demi Lovato: Confident

Zion T: Eat

Zion T: Babay

and Finally:

Janelle Monae: Electric Lady ( Another Huge Confident Boost, I instantly feel better when I hear this song. Instantly.

What do you do for Self-Care? Listen to music, Write stories, watch movies? Tell me on twitter!
 Stay Nerdy,


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