Heart Eyes: My Top 11 Fictional Ships!

February 12, 2016

Hey Gang!
 This week will be full of Heart Eyes Posts. I'm going to have romantic content for the week of Valentine's Day, and I'm pretty stoked about it. Today I'm going to tell you all about the ships that I wish were real. The ones I build in my head. Originally, this post was only going to have five with an honorable mention like the other one, but once I got started I realized there was way more slept on romance then I realized!

Ryan + Gabriella: When High School Musical came out it was amazing. You had women of color as Protagonists, they broke status quos and the music was damn catchy. I know that She ends up with Troy and I'm sure they're a fine couple. However, in the second movie, the chemistry was flowing off of them in waves, and I thought it would have been better suited with them as a couple.

Draco + Hermione: As mentioned in my 25 things post, I used to write fanfiction for Hermione and Draco. As you can see from the photos I am not the only one loving this relationship. Draco may have been a git in the beginning and don't get me wrong he can be a bad guy, but she could be the one to bring him over to the light.

Morgan + Garcia: Everyone who watches Criminal Minds knows that Morgan and Garcia are the best part. Everyone knows that they would make an amazing couple. Sure Zander's pretty cool, but no one knows or understands Garcia the way Derek Does. Lets be honest here. This Ship is a no brainer.

Frankie + Dick: This is my baby project. You guys know how I feel about Frankie, I even wrote a fangirling post about her, but imagine her hacking skills compared with Graysons. She's got a sharp wit and I would love to see Sarcastic Dick Grayson handle her. *Ahem Brenden and Babs*

Mac + Wallace: I feel like I can be honest here. When I watched season one of Veronica Mars I wanted Wallace to get with Veronica. But once Mac was introduced I was like NO! Mac is amazingly perfect for Wallace. They are the perfect definition of opposites attract, plus check out these gifs, they're so goofy and giddy that they're contagious, every time I see them they make me smile.

Finn + Marceline: I feel like anyone that watches Adventure Time can see how perfect Finn and Marceline are for each other. Like sure Marcy is withdrawn and keeps to herself, but Finn could pull her out and help her shine. Plus, she could make him a "vampire" and they could live together forever.

Lita + Haruka: As mentioned earlier, Haruka is my favorite sailor Scout but she doesn't appear for a couple of seasons. Lita was my favorite before her, and in the episode where the inner senshi meet outer senshi. I mean c'mon! Sure Lita is boy crazy but I could totally see them being in a relationship together. Maybe even an open one if Michiru is ok with that.

Serena + Alan: When I was watching Sailor Moon growing up The Doom Tree Series was my favorite part. I was pretty young at the time, but I thought that Alan had more feelings for Serena than Darien did. He paid her more attention, he showered her with gifts, paid attention to things like birthdays.

Damian + Maps: This one pretty much explains itself. Look at this art! If you haven't been reading Gotham Academy, you really should be. There is a whole issue dedicated to how awesome a couple Damian and Maps would be. I totally get the protector vibe from Damian and I think it would be adorable to play out in future issues of Gotham Academy.

Jennifer + Steve: Lets just think about this for a moment, let this sink into your brain.... She-Hulk and Captain America in a healthy sexual relationship. Now lets all let our dorky pervert flags fly. Yeah, Not Gonna Lie, that would be pretty hot and you know it. Its okay if you don't want to tell the whole world, I don't mind doing it for you. Steve would probably be the only guy that would be able to handle her strength and I think they would be incredibly adorable together. 

Bruce + Zatanna: This is pretty much a no brainer. Zatanna sorceress supreme of DC's Universe and Bruce Freakin' Wayne. What else really needs to be said? Think of the time that would be saved solving mysteries? Think of all the things they could be doing instead.. Can you imagine Bruce in a robe attempting magic for the first time? *sigh* like a baby fawn trying to walk for the first time, its flippin adorable and exactly what Gotham needs. 

What are some of your favorite Non-couples? Lets be friends and talk about it on Twitter!!

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