Series #7: Arrow Seasons 1+2 (Spoilers!)

January 15, 2015

 Hi Gang!
  It seems like Netflix and I have become the best of friends over the last couple of weeks. I have finished/caught up on quite a few shows, but this post I am going to be focusing on Arrow. It was a little slow moving at first but after episode 6 it really picked up. As usual, keep in mind that these are my own opinions and spoilers!

- I cannot express just how much I LOVE FELICITY!!! Felicity Smoak has to be one of my favorite characters in quite some time. She's smart, She's witty, and She's adorably awkward. She knows her way around a computer and she is relateable. Especially, when she unloads her worrie
s about not having a place on the team anymore because Sara is back and just generally kicking ass and taking names, it showed viewers that she was vulnerable and it was okay for us to be vulnerable right along with her. I HATE how Oliver used her in the end. Just another reason to add to the next blurb.

- I hate how Oliver Queen treats the women in the show. Even as a child, I was never a fan of Green Arrow/ Oliver Queen's Playboy persona. This show honestly hasn't changed my mind. Through one season, he broke the hearts of at least five women. He treats them like trash. They are there to be used and then tossed away when they do something he doesn't like or when he is done with them. That is one of the reasons Black Canary was one of my favorite heroine's because they work well together, you can tell that there are genuine feelings there, and she is constantly putting him in his place.

- I hate how badly they fucked up the origin of my FAVORITE D.C. HEROINE. As above, Black Canary, Dinah Laurel Lance is my favorite heroine. It irks me that the sister gets to be canary, and not the girl deserving of it. It irks me, that we don't really get any specific Black Canary/Green Arrow Villians, it just feels like they are grabbing all of Batmans' Bad guys because they are better known.

- How could have Blood honestly believed Slade would keep his end of the bargain? When Slade literally just started kidnapping people to use for his serum, how could Blood trust him to keep his end, that "no one" would be hurt and that once the damage was done, he would be able to save the city, and becoming the loving Mayor that everyone would run too? How stupid and gullible do you have to be jeez? I mean he is missing an EYEBALL, obviously he isn't that great a guy.

- What ever happened to Slade's Son Joe? So even with all of the flashbacks to the Island, we never learned what happened to Slade. We don't know how he got off the island, and we don't know if he ever visited his family when he did get off the island, what happened to his son? Is he still alive? Is he dead? Did Slade become so jaded, that once he was free he didn't even bother to go see his family?

- Who Saw Sara's Sexuality as Bi coming? Being a woman who is bi herself, I am all for it being splashed across the television screen. If people don't like it they can sit and spin honestly, but I definitely didn't see her betrothed being Ra's Al Ghul's Daughter. Honestly, I expected her to be like Ra's concubine or something, but I am very glad that decided to take it in a different direction. I am a little miffed that she went back to them, even after she had been freed.

- Super confused about who to ship for Barry. Felicity or Iris? I have the biggest Crush on Barry. He is so freaking ADORABLE! With Felicity, it is easy, their chemistry and banter comes smoothly, but Iris is of Color (Slightly biased No apologies) and they have known each other for ever and his feeling have been around forever, so I can't help but cheer for the underdog. Grr, decisions, decisions.

- Moira's Death... WHY?? All of those people that know Oliver's secret Identity. Everyone being on his side, and team and squad, and yet NO one was there when he needed them the most! I think it was selfish for no one to come to his, thea's and Moira's aid. It also pisses me off to no end, that Thea lost her mother, and her brother just decided to up and leave her, when she needed him the most! Why wouldn't you have attended her funeral? I don't care how much she lied, you at LEAST owed her that.

- Thea going with Merlyn. Both Oliver AND Roy had the opportunity to be honest with Thea, and then she would have been in the know and on their side. I mean, there were probably 4 people in the whole cast that didn't know Ollie was the Arrow, and yet by selfishly keeping their secret, they pushed Thea right into the arms of someone who definitely doesn't want the best for her. Anything that happens to Thea in Season 3, I am THOROUGHLY blaming it on the two of them.

See ya'll Soon.
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