Handheld Mistress #27: DS Game Catchup

January 12, 2015

Hi Gang!
  What better way to start the year then to clean up to do lists of the year before? I'm not sure what happened but toward the end of the year, I stopped posting about video games. Now just because I wasn't writing about them, didn't mean I'd stopped playing them, or even buying them (even though my wallet was begging me too.) So this post is going to highlight all the games that were purchased in my absence and a little about why I bought them.

- Epic Mickey Power of Illusion: I actually waited a very long time to buy this game. It was winking at me every time I went into that Gamestop, and I definitely wanted to get it, but it had already been out for almost a year, and the price was still crazy high! I finally gave in and picked it up when Alex and I went to go get his system and his new games. I was never a really big mickey fan, out of all the disney characters, but they did such a bang up job with Kingdom Hearts I was hoping it was going to be along the same lines. I think I've gotten 5 minutes of game play in, it definitely fell to the wayside, when I bought Professor Layton V.S. Phoenix Wright. 

- Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy: This was the last game I needed, and now I have the Entire Layton Collection. I was very excited about this being added to my gaming collection, and incredibly moved, because it was Alex's Anniversary gift for our one year. Professor Layton is incredibly important to me. One of my favorite games of all time. He reminds me of my father, who is also on my tops list, and the Professor is my only tattoo.  Since it is the last in the series, I didn't want to play it until I got there, I am still in the midst of playing Diabolical Box, it is the only game still in shrink wrap. 

- Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance: When I was younger I was a huge disney fan. Now I'm older and I have been awakened to just how racist, anti-feminist and sexist the company is, but at the time Kingdom Hearts had come out, it hadn't been revealed to me yet. I was in love with everything about it; the music, the character design, my favorite disney characters, but not the game play. It took me forever to get used to it, especially with the camera angles. It was my first game with a moveable camera. 

- Persona Q: I was attracted by the art, and I had heard lots of great things, from my otaku friends and the internet, and I thought I would give it a try, the fact that it came with tarot cards was great too. The art is so beautiful, and the dialogue makes me laugh so I'm glad I decided to buy it.

- Pokemon Omega Ruby: I actually got it for Christmas, and got the Sapphire for Alex. It actually was going to be one of the Pokemon games that I wanted to skip, but the advances to the game mechanics and small changes to the story, honestly made me very glad I got it. It is also the only game I have been able to connect to the internet, and I am looking forward to kicking international ass. Where else can I find a Poochyena with ice fang? Her name is Chowpan. (See what I did there?)

- Etrian Odyssey IV Legends of The Titan: I bought this game purely for the art on the cover. It has not been opened or played. It is super pretty on my shelf and I have this horrible habit with knitting books as well, but I do plan on playing this game in the near future. Hopefully, the gameplay will keep equal pace with how beautiful the art is. 

- Blazblue Continuum Shift II: I was a huge fan of the Console versions, and when I saw I could have it on the road, I just had to get it! I was super creeped out though, because I bought a pre-owned copy and it had my gaming info in it, but I had never played it before. I honestly haven't played it again since, but that will probably change once the heeby-jeebies go away. 

- Professor Layton V.S. Phoenix Wright: I am in love with this game. It is the only game I have ever Pre-ordered. I love both characters and to get them in a crossover of this magnitude makes me very happy! I am about half-way through the game, I don't know if when I started playing I had been taken over by Brianiac but the puzzle seemed very easy to me. I haven't played since, because I realized that I was still just beginning Diabolical Box, and figured I shouldn't have skipped around. More than likely, I will be starting this game up again pretty soon. 

This week will be game related, just to get my game blogging chops back. Check back next time for the PS3 game Catchup. As always, you can get more of me at Twitter and Instagram, links are in my side bar. 

Til Next Time,


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