Sew Nerdy: Fabric Haul

January 5, 2015

 Hi Gang!
  Now that I have finally got my tables, set up, this feature can finally get started! What better time then to learn how to sew in the new year?! I stopped by Jo-Ann Fabrics the other day because Alex wanted to pick up some colorful yarn for the rug he's making. (You read that right, he's making a rug.) I was teaching him about different yarn weights and such so his project wouldn't look so wonky, when I realized that they had a few bolts of fabric on sale. 30% 50% and the like, and I kinda went crazy.
 They had like four women cutting fabric and there was still enough of a line, that I had to pull a ticket number and wait with the rest of the peanut gallery. When it was finally my time, I sauntered up there with all of my bolts of fabric and pretty much got 3 and 1/2 yards of everything, there were a few that didn't cut it, and I just took the rest of the bolt. I also picked up a sewing book, called the Essential Sewing Reference Guide. I'm hoping, it will help me not pull my hair out when I'm trying to sew later.
 I literally found the cutest fabrics in there, Alex had to pull me away before I spent my entire check, but now they're here, my machine's are here and I have a good sized working table, I can't wait to get started. I think my first project will be a pinafore skirt with suspenders. I do adore Pinafore skirts so. I was so glad I got all kinds of sewing essentials for Christmas in my stocking. Thread, replacement needles, three pairs of scissors, elastic, bias tape, and a zipper! I think I'm pretty set to go.

Until Next Time!


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