Handheld Mistress #28: Ps3 Catchup

January 19, 2015

Hi Gang!
 Here I am again, I'm finally getting used to a consistent schedule, I sure did miss it! Speaking of missing things, this post is all about the missed Playstation Three games of 2014, I'm blogging on exactly 3 hours of sleep, so let just jump right in!

- Uncharted 2 Among Thieves: I picked this up because of my sister. She has this one and three, and she thoroughly enjoyed them and I am all for a adventure puzzle game, that is literally the definition of up my alley! I started it and continued to play until I hit a tough spot, I didn't get very far, I think maybe a half hour of game play, but that was also when I had to share the television and the playstation with Alex's Father, now that it is all mine. I plan on making good on my new year gaming resolution.

- Fairytale Fights: I am in love with this game! It was super cheap when I found it, but if I had known about it when it first came out I would have definitely paid full price. Not only is the art super deformed and cute, but it has the gore factor of Splatterhouse. You literally get to skate around in your enemy's blood, what is not to like?

- L.A. Noire: Is actually a game that I've had since I first bought my Ps3, but never got around to playing it, a friend starting playing it at my house and I lost interest, since the friend is gone now, I will probably starting this one soon as well.

- Deus Ex Human Revolution: I know nothing about this game except that when it first came out it was very popular. I remember a lot of online chatter and Chubisaur raving about it on her tumblr, but that was a few years ago, almost 4 now!!! I am always up for something new, and I am excited to sink my teeth into something completely new.

- Borderlands: Everyone , everywhere on the internet was talking about this game. I even came across an ad for it in a dentists office! After hearing so many good things I decided to purchase it because I wanted to try something different, I started playing it and ran out of ammo, and the camera angles gave me such a headache that I never touched it again, but I'm sure I'll be picking it up again soon, since I've gotten used to Bioshock 2.

- Assassin's Creed: Another really old, popular game that I finally decided to give a chance. I was actually really intrigued with it's game play, but I haven't really gotten the chance (I.e. Been lazy) to delve deeper, but with a couple of off days coming up, I will be attempting it soon.

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