Arcade Heaven and a Haul

July 27, 2015

Hey Gang!

 I stopped by Arcade Legacy recently to hang out with my cousins, and they had a few new additions. The cabinet with Magical Drop 3 was broken, I almost bawled, but the owner put it on a new cabinet for me to play, so I could get my fix. I also played a copious amount of Snk Vs. Capcom 2 one of my favorite arcade games, I was a little rusty, but it didn't take long to get into the groove. I also got a few rounds of Crazy Taxi and Rock Band in. Unfortunately, I was stuck with guitar or bass, because they didn't have a microphone hooked up, maybe they'll have one next time.
 I noticed that they added Captain America and the Avengers (Super old school) SO of course, I had to get some photos of that, My cousins and I played Table Tennis for a dismal half n Hour, I think it's finally been decided that its just not our game. I also watched my cousin play Star Wars, and spent a couple of rounds with High School Justice. I hadn't played that since my Dreamcast (wistful sighing) They have retro games and newer games for sale, so I spent a good time looking over those. There is a Ps Vita there that's just calling my name. I'll be back for that pretty, I already let the staff over there know!
 I wound up grabbing Sailor Moon S Puzzle Challenge cartridge for the Super Famicom. I know I won't be able to play it without an emulator, but its still pretty cool to add to my nerd collection right? I also picked up Pokemon Pearl, because my Diamond cartridge isn't working properly, and Pokemon White. I ordered mine online through Ebay, and not only has it stopped working, but it wasn't a legit copy, so of course, I had to get that fixed!

Have you been to any arcades lately? What have you been playing? Tell on twitter: #nerdetteatlarge

 Stay Nerdy,


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