OOTD: Marveling at the Fireworks!

July 8, 2015

Hi Gang!
  How are you today? I didn't post Monday for two reasons. 1. I had to do a double so there was no time. 2. I've been working on some new stuff for the blog and I wanna keep it a secret just a little while longer. This past weekend was the 4th of July and I spent half with my family and half with Alex's it was a pretty fun time.
 Work was slow on Friday, So I was able to enjoy a full 3 day weekend! On Friday, I bought 4 new nerd chic shirts, and I'll be showing them off in outfit of the day posts for the next week or so. I've always been a fan of having clothes for my fandoms, because it's so much easier to strike up conversation that way, especially if you run into someone that knows your fandom, rather than someone who just likes your shirt.
  I tried to introduce Hong Kong Phooey to my younger cousins, but they were just too young to understand its comedic genius. We played copious amounts of Heads up, they have a superhero category but it's lacking something fierce, so everyone contributed and now we have a "master" deck so to speak. On Saturday, I headed over to Alex's Parents and we swam and watched a lot of fireworks, their deck was the perfect vantage point and with all the swivel chairs, I didn't miss a single spark. Alex had his fun when his mom brought up a box of fireworks from the basement, sometimes he had me a little worried because he was lighting them in a (semi) empty corona bottle.
 It was super hot and muggy, so I wore an altered Marvel Tanktop, and a pleated jean skirt, it is one of my favorites, it even has two "real" pockets!!! I fell in love with this top instantly, 1 because it was Marvel and 2 because it had a lot of characters that aren't well known, and I absolutely love when you find a comic shirt with that one random character that is totally a staple in the comic but people don't really know who they are. Like a couple months ago when I picked up a t-shirt that was too small for me because it had SHE-HULK + SPIDERWOMAN on it, how could I pass it up?! Luckily, they released a tank top in my size later, and I bought that as well.

How was your July the 4th? Any Nerd Shirts in your wardrobe? Tell me about it! #nerdetteatlarge

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