New Year New Knits!

January 7, 2015

Front Cover In my sophomore year of College, my friend Claire taught me how to knit. For the next couple of months I tried again and again to get the grasp of it and then I did. At the time, knitting was just too hard for me. Crocheting was just way easier for me at the time. A couple days ago, I read the complete backlog of Izznit's blog and was so super crazy inspired! I can't believe that it is 2015! I am so excited about all the possibilities the new year presents! This post is a wishlist of sorts for me, I want to step up my knitting game, Usually any projects that I'm working on are accessories; hats, cowls, bags and the like. By upping my game, I am thinking about doing more challenging garments. Tunics, skirts and sweaters. Learning how to read patterns, and to start designing my own patterns.
  I'm really looking forward to using the brand new yarns I got for Christmas, here are a few of the next patterns, Ideas I have in mind.

- Midriff Sweater: Originally, I saw one on one of the singers of After School ( Which is a korean Pop group) I've been batting the idea back and forth in my mind, and I know it is definitely one of the first projects on my list.

- A Cardigan with front buttons: The whole point of jumping to bigger more advanced pieces, is so I can learn something new. I am hoping to learn a new technique with every project, AND fill my closet with pieces that I made myself! I'm hoping for something close to Andi's A-Z Retro cardigan. I definitely want it to have pockets. It drives me crazy when pullovers and sweaters don't have pockets.

- A Pullover : Something similar to A bird of passage. I think it would be ok if this particular design doesn't have pockets, but I am very excited to try something new.

- A flowey tunic: I found a few patterns translated from Japanese online, Their patterns are so PRETTY, I'm hoping that with some serious hard work, my handmade pieces will turn out that way too

 Thanks to The knitting Answer Book by Margaret Radcliffe, I have this blossoming feeling that a finished handmade garment isn't too far off in the future for me. I can't wait to start churning out projects and showing you guys that all my hard work has paid off!

 Until Next Time!


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