Series #11: Daredevil: Ep 1 + 2

April 20, 2015

Hi Gang!
 The other night, I was able to catch the first two episodes of Netfilx's Daredevil and I thought I would write a post on my thoughts. Now Disclaimer * Spoilers are present*, I'm going to watch the show slowly instead of my general binge policy, apparently, we'll have to wait a year for something new, so I thought I would take my time.I'm totally new to Daredevil. I only know three things about him. 1. He's a blind lawyer. 2. His name is Matt Murdoch. 3. He works/lives in Hell's Kitchen. Now without further ado, My thoughts!

- Why is Murdoch so hot? It's the first time since Captain America, I've been attracted to a superhero...

- Like we needed fictional reasons to despise the NYPD? Is there a NY officer that isn't corrupted?
Anywhere in fiction?

- Is Foggy supposed to be Matt's Bucky? Because if so, that's going to end pretty badly in the future. *Winter Soldier*

- ... Where exactly does the human trafficking come into everything? I wonder if it will be the kind of thing with the Gotham Underground Crime Bosses...

- He better be a great lawyer, if he can tell people are lying just from a simple heart beat.

- Why does no one but the liason know what the Chinese woman is saying? How are they supposed to plan dastardly evil deeds with a language barrier in the way?

- I like that I don't really know anything about Daredevil so I can go into this show with fresh eyes.

- These bad guys don't really leave any loose ends do they? Everyone and their grandmama is dead sheesh!

- Turk buys a gun, and this confuses me. If you are running a sex slave business, why don't you own a gun already?

- When Daredevil is on the top of the building, he kind of reminds me of an owl. Just the way his head turns as they hear different noises of the night.

- YAY! Rosario Dawson, I hope she becomes an actual cast member!

- Murdoch is messing around with some seriously dangerous people, I'm going to need him to get some armor, he was all kinds of jacked up before Claire Fixed him.

- When Clair is on the top of the building in that white t-shirt/hoodie combo she kind of reminded me of white tiger. Maybe it's just me groping at straws but it would be awesome, if she actually became White Tiger, and Tiger got some screen time, because lets face it, it's not like the "lesser-known" Marvel characters are getting any Film love right now.

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