March Favorites!

April 15, 2015

Hi Gang!
 This is just going to be a quick post of things and people I found or thought was pretty cool for the month of March! The month passed by pretty fast, but that didn't stop me from discovering some pretty nifty internet things.

- My Little Pony: There are four seasons on Netflix, and I have been watching it while doing other things. Its a simple and adorable cartoon that doesn't need all of your attention so, I can do things like fixing my sewing machine, or practicing knitting stitches. I'm on Season 3 now.

- Gain- Paradise Lost/ Apple: These songs are still on repeat to this day! I am so in love with the music videos, Apple, has to be one of my favorites since I discovered K-pop! I was even able to sneak Apple in to my playlist at my job without anyone being any the wiser.

- ClothesEncounters: Youtube run by Jenn Im, and she shows you how to thrift, and all the amazing places she gets to visit!! I'm subscribed to her, and pretty sure I've seen almost every video.. Hope that doesn't make me a stalker.

- VintageVandal: The Buyer for Pinup Clothing! I love all the people and outfits in her instagram.

- PaperTiger: A knitwear designer, I love reading her blog, it is just so calming! I love looking at all of her amazing designs, and wishing that I could do even just a couple of the things she does.

- Izzknit: Knitter and seamstress supreme! I am so in love with all the luscious yarn porn she posts and all of her beautiful pieces!

- Silk Bamboo Yarn: I picked about 6 balls at Jo-ann Fabrics, and it was pretty decently priced, I chose silver and the yarn just feels so amazing, I'm so scared to use it!

- Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries I even wrote an entire post about it!

What are some things that you enjoyed last month?

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