It's SuperheroDay! Who's Your Favorite?

April 28, 2015

Hi Gang!
 I just wanted to stop in, and wish everyone a happy #Superheroday ! In honor of this day, I have decided to talk about four of my favorite heroes today. I also have mentioned it on Twitter and Instagram, where like always the conversation continues! Feel free to talk to me there as well!

Vixen: DC's 2nd Black Heroine. Their first was Bumblebee who was created in Teen Titans in 1976. I love her because she is a strong character. No matter, how many times writers and artists try to white wash her, or write her into idiocy, her inner Character always shines through. She is literally one of the few female characters that always seems to bounce back. I feel like she doesn't really get enough shine, she's always been really understated in the DC Canon, that honestly makes me like her more. If you don't know her, look her up on Wikipedia. Go get you some knowledge.

M: Monet St. Croix is another name to the list of Marvel's heroines of color. She was created in 1994 and has an extensive list of powers. Telepathy, Super speed, agility, strength and supersonic flight. She is also on a small list of Muslim heroes. I love her ability to be resiliant. She was turned into a mute, untouchable creature named Penance by her brother, and now she is one of the authorities in the x-men. I feel like she is another character that hasn't gotten the shine that she deserves, and she is also on my list of cosplay goals.

Storm: Ororo Monroe is Storm. No matter how many people know who Storm is, she is constantly left out of stories, left out of movies, or completely screwed up in story lines. She is one of my favorites because she was the first female superhero I was introduced to. I didn't learn about Wonder Woman until much later in my childhood. Just like Thor, Storm is a GODDESS. She's not just a "mutant" with the penchant to control the weather. To me she WAS the weather. Storm is the reason why I fight for Comics to be intersectional and to include everyone. Storm is the reason, why Nerdette at Large exists. Storm was my Gateway into Comic Books.

Black Canary: I won't write a lot about Canary because I actually wrote a long Girl Crush post a while back about her. I love her character, I love her strength, and even though she has been featured on WIR more than once, as a character she continues to delight lives through generations. Even though, I am not a fan of how she is portrayed on Arrow, She still remains in my top 4.

 Same Bat Time. Same Bat Channel,



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