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July 16, 2011

 So I have a lot of things to share!! Are you ready Guys?!?!

  Tomorrow, I am going to the beach with my bestie and her boyfriend and my BOYFRIEND! Which if you haven't been reading my twitter then you totally should, you will see, that I haven't seen my boyfriend in a really really really long time. So I am super duper excited about this trip. Plus I get out of the house for the entire day, and I just get to enjoy the summer I guess. *shrugs*
  Kinda upset, I used to Read Keiko Lynn religiously, and for some strange reason, I just stopped. And now I realized that I missed the chance to potentionally win this FREAKING AWESOME TOTE!!!!!
Don't even lie, you guys see how amazingly awesome this tote is don't you? I am soo peeved that I missed the deadline. So I decided to go to the actual shop and see how much it was. $300, over $300 to purchase that tote. So what makes me different from the other girls that blog about fashion and everything else is, I'm Frugal ( I.E. Cheap) I don't want to spend more money then I have to. Especially if I can make it myself, I adore purses as much as the next girl, its why I spend hours crafting different ones that I can sell in my store.  So alas, I'll have to wait for a sale. Or another give away. Moving on to the next topic.
 The Emerald Arachnid is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!!  I am very excited to tell you that The Emerald Arachnid has been picked up by Goodsie, and we will be running all Shop business through them. So, if You live no where near a rinks, and was worried about how you were going to pick up our awesome cute merchadise, then fear no more!!! Now that I have a place to put all of our finished products, I can finally start making some new stuff... YAY YAY YAY!
 So My boyfriend is super hot,nerdy amazing because!!!!!! He inspired me to start designing dresses based off of videogame controllers. Here are some of the sketches.
Aren't they cute? Atari and Xbox swimsuits and A wiimote Mini Dress. Am I gamer nerd? or just weird?

 I also want to say something about my lack of writing. I've been working a LOT and I'm doing the new collab channel. But I will be posting more I promise! My birthday is 6 days!!! I don't know about you guys But I am SUPER excited!!  I talk about in my latest youtube video if you guys wanna go check it out.

But alas, I have to go. These new products wont crochet/knit/sew themselves.
The Emerald Arachnid,


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