The handheld Mistress: When you're stuck between Layton and a hard place: Diabolical Box edition #1

July 19, 2011

I am so excited to be helping you discover the secrets to solving the Elysian Box! So follow along on the journey I'm about to take you on! You receive a letter that Layton's mentor Dr. Shrader has discovered the Elysian Box, rumored to kill whoever opens it ( That sound familiar? *Cough* Pandora)
 In order to see if the Dr. is safe we will have to go visit him. You can help Luke find the Professor's keys by clicking on the 2nd drawer. Welcome to the map and your very first puzzle. You need to move the squares so they complete the map, simple arranging shows your answer. Now that you can read the map, you are on the way to the Dr.'s Home and Puzzle 2. You are on a mission to discover the Dr.'s Flat number. You will discover that his window is the one with the blue flag either through careful analysis  the clues given or carefree elimination.
 Now for Puzzle 3, you will run into a very helpful guy named Damon, he shows you where to find your first hint coin. You will find another one at the base of the lamppost. Another in the window on your right when you enter the building and another at the base of his mailbox, onto his front door for your puzzle! With no time to waste! You have to get into his flat post haste!
  Using one of these 3 keys, he included in his letter, think outside the box on this one guys!! The keys have more than one side! With our handy dandy rotate control, you can make quick work of this puzzle by rotating and then  using the purple circular key. Now to discover the condition of the doctor!! After you find the now deceased doctor, you will soon discover a train ticket, consider this your second mystery. Have you ever received a train ticket with no destination??
  Welcome to puzzle 4: Discover how the murderer/theif made it into the room, analyze everything very closely, and it will stick out at you like a scarp of a painting...Once you have found the ripped curtain circle it and prepare for mystery. Why would there be a shredded photo in the dr's hand? Tune in next installment to find out!

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