I'm the Best: Minzy's Look

August 25, 2011

  Hey!  I haven't done anything makeup related in a really really long time.So I decided to show you guys what I  get up to. So, this tutorial was for my collaboration group the Sun Antoinettes. As our topic, was video killed the radio star and we were to show our favorite Music video looks. As a black jack myself  2ne1 is one of my favorite Kpop bands...EVER.
   So When this challenge came up, I knew EXACTLY where to go for some inspiration...So I sat back with some *duplex cookies and started to watch their single's chart. The thing about 2ne1 is their fashion is always crazy, but their makeup is usually very simple. So I was starting to give up when I began to watch their new videos!
  I am the best is the video I decided on. and this is how I interpreted Min-zi's look.


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