Since when did I become “Claire the Great”? O_o

August 1, 2011

Ze quote of ze post (aka I saw/said it, so it’s going up):
“The average woman wishes for looks over brains because the average man sees more than he thinks.”
Anyway, Claire here. I picked up some supplies over the weekend, some finished quilts, and more transformer figures (I am a hopeless fan XD). Most of the quilts will be for display purposes (a what-can-she-do sort of affair), but at least one will go on sale as soon as we’re able to get it up. Here’s a hint- fish. Lots of them. :D
Once I get the time, I’ll also be finishing up a plushie.  What I work on next will all depend on you, fellow reader. Will it be a cuddly little animal? Will it be a creepy looking pillow? Will it be another ridiculously long scarf?
We’re waiting on you.
Mr. Spinner says hi,


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