Cinema #2: Doom Asylum

July 11, 2014

  Everyone knows that I love movies. All kinds of movies, comedies, animated movies, and especially scary movies! I absolutely adore scary movies, ones that actually do a good job of scaring me, and then ones that don't do the greatest job. One of those movies would be Doom Asylum, an 1987 Marx original. My dad and I have this thing, we like to watch really bad scary movies and laugh ourselves silly. I've written about a few of the ones we'd happened to come across before, but even we couldn't anticipate coming across this gem.
  Doom Asylum follows eight teenagers as they trespass upon a deserted asylum with a horrible legend! Ten years ago, a couple in the love were heading on vacation and were involved in a terrible car crash, which ended up in the death of the wife and the man in pretty bad condition to be sent to the morgue. Wherein, he was skinned, even though he was still alive. He killed the coroner and assistant and then went on to kill all passerby, in hopes of bringing his beloved back to life.
  Apart from the HIDEOUS eighties fashion, yellow and white plaid board shorts anyone? The acting was some of the worst I'd seen in my entire life, even worse then me and my sisters debut in the haunted mansion, (thankfully no one ever will see.) It was an entire laugh fest. The movie only lasted an hour and eighteen minutes and we laughed for everyone of them.
  In great eightie's fashion, The only black people ended up together and Dead. There was a blonde in a horrible swimsuit, and I honestly could write all day, but it wouldn't do it justice, you just have to watch it.

Please Please, I'm begging you, As soon as you see enough talk to me in the comments.

Keep it Nerdy Gang,


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