Convention Roundup: C2E2

April 1, 2016

Hey Gang!

 I did it! I have survived another #c2e2! I went the previous year and wrote about it, and it has become my favorite convention. I had other plans to visit more conventions this year, but I knew I couldn't pass up C2E2. The guest list was just way too awesome. However, I did start a new job and other stuff, so I could only go for Saturday, I'm glad I didn't do longer, though, because Alex and I both wound up getting sick and it would have sucked to be "conventioning" all weekend without a voice.
 Also, something else I learned. Chicago/illinois has a time difference from Ohio. I thought I was late, and I was really just in time. They are an hour behind, I will definitely keep that in mind for next time. I think for 2017, since it will be my third year in a row, I think I will finally stay the entire weekend, start putting money aside now and start working on the costumes I want to wear. SMH, look at me, I'm already excited and plotting next years convention.
  As you can tell from last Monday's post, I had a schedule about what I wanted to do/accomplish this year for the convention but because of the sickness, I had to bow out early. I was unable to participate in any of the collaborations that I had scheduled for the weekend because of the sudden melt down of our immune systems, but I was at least able to visit one of the panels (Women of Marvel) and get ALL of my comics signed and photos taken with the awesome artists that were there.
  I ran into Jessica on the show floor. It was so much fun running into other bloggers and influencers that I communicate with online all the time in person. She is such a peach! She and a group of panelists put together the Diversity in Geek Media panel on Saturday. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend it, for I was ushering my sick boyfriend back to the hotel, but if any of my readers attended, please comment below. I'd love to hear how it went.
 I bought a beautiful wall scroll from an artist, I'd never heard of before, but now that I've met her and seen her art in person, I need so much more. *Mental Note: Stalk her on Social Media* I'm still kicking myself for not getting two wall scrolls AND I didn't get a picture with her, but at least I got her to sign it. I didn't buy a lot of things while I was at the convention, I'm sure my wallet thanks me, but unfortunately, that means I don't have a huge haul to show you guys now that I am home. In fact, I think the only things that I bought were that wall scroll and Poison Ivy #1 from Amy Chu's table so I could have her sign it and get a picture with her, she's so darling. I was so excited, I have two Poison Ivy comics signed by her, and that just made me smile.
 I missed Annie Wu and Stacey Lee first time around because they were on the way to their panel, so of course I hightailed it. I was sad because while I was making the mad dash for the panel, I came across a Moongirl cosplayer that freaking KILLED it, and I wasn't able to get her photo... I DID however run into a PROFESSOR LAYTON COSPLAYER who was female and we fangirled over her outfit and my tattoo, and got a picture together, we are super cute!
 I went to go get my Batgirl #3 annual signed by Ming Doyle, and she recognized me out of costume... I really felt like I died and went to heaven. She recognized me without costume AND different hair color. She's so awesome. I also visited Annie Wu, David Walker, Khary Rudolph, Stacey Lee, Marguarite Sauvage, Marguarite Bennet, and Gail Simone for the 2nd time.
 Although, I wish that I was able to stay a little bit longer and maybe get to some of those collaborations that I had planned, because I missed working with Nerdily AND Sugar Gamers, which would have been epic. Maybe I can try again next year. I would like to do more networking and more collaborations for this year.
 My new job will be over in two months, so I shouldn't have so much issues updating Nerdette At Large from then on. For right now, though, I'm stuck to a Monday and Friday Schedule. I am currently working on a couple of youtube videos for the next couple of weeks, I'm going back to the one video a week schedule.

 Thank you guys for being so patient with me, while I get this schedule thing under control. I'm always free to talk on Twitter though.

Until Next Time,
Stay Nerdy.


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