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March 28, 2016

Hey Gang!

Hey awesome readers, I have some new stuff to go over with you! At the beginning of March, I started a new job and the schedule for it has definitely thrown me off my blogging game. Unfortunately, my blogging schedule will be changing from Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to Monday and Friday only posts. Vlogs will still be once a week, but I'm uncertain what days they will be updated.

 I just wanted to give you guys a heads up to some of the differences that will be coming up soon. Dont want you guys to think that I forgot about you of course! Here are some of the posts that I have coming up for you wonderful people.

- C2E2 Convention Roundup
-  Huge Shopping Haul (new job, means better money!)
- Kiki's Delivery Service (thoughts and review)
- Batman V.s. Superman (review)
- Flashpoint Paradox (Review)
- Whats in my bag (video)
- Open Letter: #appropriatingnerdculture
- Fangirling: Sakurako Koujo

See, I promise I haven't forgotten about ya, but sitting down to flesh out blog posts have been absolutely crazy for the past couple of weeks. However, Since I don't have to be sitting with a power outlet, or my laptop, in order to update social media please follow me on these platforms, they are being updated pretty regularly.

- Twitter: Spokhette
- Instagram: GoddessSpokh
- Snapchat: provacatrix

I will See you guys Friday. I hope your week is great and hopefully, my schedule will fill itself out, or get back up to speed soon. Thanks for being so patient with me gang!

Stay Nerdy!


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