February Favorites!

March 7, 2016

Hey Gang!

 You guys! I honestly can't believe it is already March! Where is the time going? Seriously, I kind of need it to slow down a bit, So many things are happening I feel like I am not savoring them properly. February had an extra day, and that allowed quite a few things to go on for me. I'm gonna tell you about my favorite stuff!!

- Seeing Deadpool opening weekend with Alex, My sister and my mother. Vlog review here.

- Completing Love Stage. It was my first Boy's Love Anime. It was...Different....

- Falling in love with Crunchyroll Premium. Did you guys know it includes Manga as well? :D

- Discovering Files of Young Kindaichi Returns, and Sherlock Hound (Hayao Mizaki!)


- Falling in Love with High School Girl Detectives on Netflix.

- Kicking butt in Street Fighter 5

- Discovering the Group: Black Girl Gamers!

- Having the Desire to join Sugar Gamers

- Having Pokemon Moon and Sun Confirmed, Wonder if it will be team: solar flare + Lunar Eclipse?

 Lots of things happened in real life as well like:

- Starting a new Job

- Surprising one of my friends on her birthday

- Discovering my PS4 doesn't play cds. SERIOUSLY?!!

Pokeweek is over now, but the videos can still be viewed on my Youtube Channel if you missed out.
Celebi is the Legendary for the Month of March so make sure you get your code!!!

Until Next Time,

Stay Nerdy!

~ Spokhette!~


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