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October 12, 2016

Hello, My name is Gwen. I am a late 20- something living in the San Francisco Bay Area. by Day, I am either in school studying Fashion Design, or am at work ankle deep in clothes. By night I am either binge watching Netflix, or curling up with my cat and a good book.
  I have dreams of starting a geek fashion clothing line that encourages inclusion of all shapes, sizes, nationalities, genders, disabilities and more. My blog, "Hella Gwen*!" is a place to document my journey to that goal as well as my hobbies. I fangirl over two major things: MTV;s Teen Wolf and Harry Potter anything. I am a firm believer in living your life as the best wizard in disguise as you can. Don't let the muggles get you down. You can follow my blogTwitter Instagram
  Halloween is my favorite holiday. Hands down. I could actually do without Christmas if I was given a chance to celebrate Halloween twice a year.
As an adult, it's a lot harder to find fun social things to do on Halloween that isn't going out to a party, hosting a party or sleeping it off like it's just another day of the year. In the past, post surpassing the "right age" to stop Trick or Treating, I would just stay home and binge watch my favorite horror films. In the more recent years when I started cosplaying and learning how to make my own costumes, I try to make it down to Disneyland for their Halloween party. Now, luckily for me I am already in the area. Los Angeles is home to my favorite convention Comikaze Expo (now called Stan Lee's Comic Con) which is held Halloween weekend and it's not too much trouble for me to make the extra hour-ish drive to Anaheim to spend actual Halloween day there.
Two years ago, my friend and I dressed up as Steamboat Willie Mickey and Minnie Mouse. We covered ourselves in grey scale makeup and wore black, white and grey outfits resembling those from the cartoon and had a blast with our friends in the park.
This year, if we end up going, I will be wearing an outfit I am making to wear to the actual convention so I wont have to think about it too much. But either way, spending my favorite holiday in the happiest place on earth is no doubt one of the best ways for me to celebrate it!
It got me thinking though, there might be people out there who are stuck at what costumes they could wear for Halloween this year. Some of you might be making the trip to Disneyland next month to celebrate or might be doing something where you live and have no idea what you could be. Being someone who tries to advocate for DIYing, I have rounded up a few commercial sewing patterns for relatively easy costumes that you could make this year to wear out and do whatever you plan to do this Halloween season!

The costumes you wear to the park don't have to be Disney related and no one is going to chastise you if you don't. So for this post, I am going to do a mix of both Disney and non-Disney costumes!

DC Bombshells
The DC Bombshell figures and comics have been a real hit in the comic book world. Simplicity totally tapped the market by bringing a few patterns for some of the Bombshell characters. My two favorites are Wonder Woman and Supergirl. Both costumes appear to be relatively easy structural wise.

Alice In Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland is probably my second favorite Disney film so when I saw Simplicity launched two pattern packs featuring the White Rabbit, Mad Hatter and Alice herself I got really excited. Now, these are kind of their own personal spin on the characters and I think do qualify in the "sexy costume" category but they're not AS hypersexualized and could easily be modified to be..well...modest if you're needing it to be.

Star Trek
With the 50th anniversary just passed, everyone is riding high on the Star Trek: The Original Series excitement train. Surprising no one, Simplicity hopped on that train and released about five officially licensed Star Trek patterns including a pack for The Original Series and one featuring the skant from The Next Generation. I love them both and find these to be no doubt the easiest from the bunch to whip up in time for your party (or Disneyland if you're willing to boldly go!)

No doubt about it, fans of The Force Awakens fell in love with Rey immediately and the amount of people who cosplay as her is still on the rise. McCalls came through with a really easy Rey costume pattern that will help fulfill that void you might be having because your lack of faith in it existing was disturbing.

Now, I might not be a fan of PokemonGO but I cant deny that it's popularity is blazing its way through every inch of social media and beyond. Cosplayer Yaya Han who creates patterns for McCalls brought the world a pattern they didn't know they needed until now. It's a full PokemonGO trainer costume that will let you cosplay your trainer in-game. So get out there and catch them all already!

I know a lot of people out there aren't too handy with a sewing machine or might think commercial patterns are scary but let me be the first to tell you that it's really easy and fun once you get the hang of it. Even if you're not handy with a sewing machine, I feel like there are tons of options for you to make your own costumes and go out and party, collect free candy or spend a 2spoopy night at Disneyland like me!

Whatever it is you decide to do this year, I just hope you have fun, stay safe and remember not to eat any unwrapped candy. Also, don't blow out your pumpkins candle(s) before Halloween is over, its bad luck!


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