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February 1, 2010

 Okay, Gang...It is officially monday, which means I'm back at school. This weekend was amazing! I went to my very first con. Ohayocon, takes place in Columbus Ohayo. Ohio! How cool is that ha-ha-ah. So. This is hao I'm going to break it down. Ohayocon, is a 3 day event, so there will be 3 posts, talking about each day and the photo's taken on that day in that specific time. Kay. So consider this post 1:Friday. And without further ado...The Summary..................
Friday, January 29. 2010 
Day One
 We were supposed to leave around one, but because of people I won't name (i.e. Me) over-sleeping we got a late start. We stopped by McDonald's on the way there, With Stephan, Kelli, and Alison! Who I used to work with! Awesome, who knew she was into anime? Cuz I didn't anywho...(You can see how easily I can be distracted. XD)  Anyway, there is a picture of this (british) hamburger Police officer, on the wall, of the kids' playroom.  *I wish I had taken a photo* It was mad Terr. 
   From there it was back on the road again, the Whole journey was about 2-3 hours long, thanks to our handy-dandy GPS system. So, I sat back, relaxed and watched the muy many Field's go by. Stephan wanted to play Liquor Store, School, and Church. It was really hard tho because all we saw was freakin' Fields! We drove all the way to their hotel, in which was a stray away from the con hotel. But it was way nicer, than the hotel I stayed in. 
   The room, had like a whole kitchen, and free internet! Our room, had no internet, it was 35 per night! Not Cents, 35$ a night, WTF! But after we finally got situatated in our rooms I saw hide nor tail of Stephan and the gang for a long time. I didn't see them again until saturday. But back to my story. So the events of Friday were as Follows:
  1. Ohayocon karaoke - Which was just a sham! The first 20 minutes, the sound system was stolen, and we sat around looking at each other, we didn't have lyrics, and I totally bombed my song...I hung my head and left. It was a total epic fail...
  2. Massive Shopping! - Dealer's room- 2 CCS figurines, 2 M.H.S. Cell Phone Charms Haruhi and Yuki, 1 S.C. Cell phone charm Utao. Artist's Gallery- 1 Strawberry Bunni, 3 Necklaces; Green, Orange, Lavendar. 2 Top hat pins; Green and White mad hatter, and a red, black and white, with ribbbons. 
  3. Ohayocon Dance(Rave)- Was supposed to start at 10. was Postponed until 10:30p.m. Line, didn't move  into the dance hall until 11:00 and Emily and I stayed until around 3:30 a.m. Emily and I danced non-stop, until her much needed break, and then I was asked to dance by James, Who was really sweet and from Illinois, When he asked to kiss me and I said no, he seemed so sad...
  4. Dance Dance Revolution- One room, 6 music and rhythm games, Not good. We could barely hear the music over the Rockband shannanigans going on in the corner, but I made do. I stayed there for about 20 minutes, after dropping Emily off at the right room...She kept trying to get into the wrong room, it was hilarious, the guy opened the door and he seemed very upset, probably because of that privacy sign,hmmm.
  5. Action Games- Then I moved to the next room, which had all the hardcore video games in it: Street fighter, Super Smash Brother's brawl, Capcom v.s. Tenkichii??, Tekken 5, Soul Caliber 4, and Guilty Gear Accent Core +, I had such a fun time, I hadn't played any of the songs in a really long time, So I was more than a tad on the rusty side, but I stayed and played for over an hour, finally going to bed around 5 ish. 
  To view the Photos Taken Visit: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=14763&id=100000113016754&l=ec86c3aee5


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