today is the Day, I shall pass my test!

February 9, 2010

 And if you're not in the know, yes, that is a direct quote from Dexter's Lab. And yes, I am a Dexter's Lab fan. But that doesn't really pertain to my topic. Today's Entry was supposed to take place on Monday, but I got lazy and distracted by the Phillip Defranco show! And if You don't know what that is then visit this Link right this minute! Plus, he's just really really really cute! Yes, he's been on youtube for 2 years! and I was watching each and everyone!( )
  But alas, it is now Tuesday, and I have two classes and then my first bye bye Birdie practice! So, I'm really hoping that it turns out okay, because I've been doing my research but it's just kinda boring, and I hope it'll turn out to be like Anything Goes, where I'm pleasantly surprised.  I'm completely moved into my new room/ aka my awesome roommate E.M.U. She has bought a fish! I don't know what kind it is, but it looks soo lonely, I kinda wanna jump in the tank and like keep it company, but I wouldn't be able to do that because just like alice drinking things she shouldn't growing, I'd displaced all the water and the poor fishie would be flopping around on the ground like:...Well, a fish out of water lol.
 But We got the results back from our Intro to Sociology 1st Exam; yea, I got a 74%. So like the title said, I did indeed past the test, but I really wanted a much better grade than that! Ms. H. said that its perfectly normal for a freshie like me to get grades like this on tests, but that just doesn't do it for me! I am not happy, it's a c, and not only a c, but a low c! And C's don't make smithsonian curators, damnit! So now, I feel I must fix the situation, so of course, I'm studying hard, and turning in my assignments on time, and participating more in class, and I recieved my Chap.1 and 2 questions, with acceptable grades on them; don't ask why I didn't mention chap. 3; it's just a headache I dont want to get into at the moment.
 But I absolutely love the fact that we're in college, and we still get N/N at the top of our papers in brightly colored marker, It feels like being homeschooled all over again, except with people, most of whom I don't care for...This is College people, when are you going to grow up? If someone's laundry is in the washer, and you need to use it, move it to the dryer, don't just pull it out put it in the basket and leave it there to sour; lets use our nice personalities shall we??  Seriously, I feel like one of those kindergarten teachers, where they keep telling the little kids that are so excited to actually be leaving their house, and playing with kids; that have actual toys, and don't spend their time playing blueberry can beer bowling, with their grandmother ( Altho, I ain't gonna lie! That is STILL my favorite handmade game of all time) There are just times when you should say no.
  Such as agreeing to play pool with 2 other people knowing damn well you can't play yourself, and don't know any of the rules, *I have no idea why it sounds like personal experience, as a blogger I like to write about things that I don't experience* *Eye roll; apparently it's hard to read sarcasm lmfao*


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