Just an FYI, Patents are total snoozeville

May 16, 2010

  So, today my mom and I went to a "how to create your own patent class". Tres boring! I fell asleep and I was so totally happy that there were only four people in the room; including my mother and I. Because they said I was snoring loudly. I was only embarrassed for a little bit, but the subject matter was so freaking boring!!!!! It was a 3 and half hour class! What was I supposed to do with myself?? Even my college courses weren't that long! Then when she finally released us from that political jargon hell, I busied myself with perusing the many of aisle's of books, it is a library after all, one of my favorite places to be.
  I found four really hip crochet/knit guides, with some sexy stuff in it! Finally someone has figured out that you can crochet something other than an AFGHAN! I mean this stuff is prime wearable art, hooded shrugs, bathing suits, lingerie pieces, coats, vests, skirts, backless halters, backless tops, fishnet stockings, beret's and gloves, you name it, I can probably find it in the books I picked up. 3 of them are completely crochet, and one is a mix of crochet and knitting. Which I'm excited about, because I can hone my crochet skills because I can read a pattern, and now that Clayre taught me how to knit, I can start learning how to read knit patterns.
  So this summer, just seems to be filled with guys hitting on the women of my family! I went over to my aunts and got 4 phone numbers walking from the street across her house to the store around the corner. We went to the library down the street from my house, and some guys with no teeth in a truck was hitting on my mom. When we were at the downtown library earlier today waiting for dad to pick us up. (Long story.) A guy was just staring at me, and I'm not one to just let a folk stare at me, so I stared back, and he kept eye contact til he turned the corner, satisfied, I looked down to grab my books, and I saw his reflection in the store front, he was walking back to look at me! I laughed and shook my head, really? I couldn't be hit on by someone in the library?> Meaning that they were doing something productive? Noooo, I had to be hit on by a guy who was hanging outside the library, hollering at anything with an ass and two legs. Just no common sense. It makes me weep for humanity.
  Last night, I was cleaning the kitchen and I asked my sister to pass me a rag, so I could finish up and she hands me this soapy rag, The middle was missing and I don't know what came over me, but I just burst into this huge fit of giggles, and asked her, why she gave me the 50 cent of rags, she didn't get it. A joke's just not funny if you have to explain it. It completely ruined my mood. Tomorrow, is my first dance team meeting,and then Monday is my first day of work, I'm sooooo excited. I Instyled my hair all by myself today, and only burnt myself a little on my pinky! I'm so proud of myself! I have a little swoop bang and everything. I still haven't figured out what I should wear on my first day, but It'll come to me. I'll have to go to bed early though, I start work at 9, that means that I have to get practically to the otherside of town, meaning that I'll have to be up at least by 7 in order to get there on time. Which sucks, because I'm still running on College Student Time, I've been home for almost 2 weeks now, and I've gotten up consistently around 1 p.m. That's 7 hours later then I should be up for my job. Can someone say "alarm clocke?" Setting that sucker, as soon as I go to bed! right next to my ear, with the most annoying ringtone ever. I'll probably get up just to turn it off. lol.
  This is going to be my first project from pop goes Crochet, by Vickie Howell.
  Well I'm pretty sure that's all I have to say for tonight. So....


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