Series #1: Where oh where could my Blonde PI BE??????

May 14, 2010

 NEW"S FLASH: Veronica Mars only lasted 3 seasons.

 NEW"S FLASH: There is no 4th Season.

 NEW"S FLASH: Thomas has confirmed a movie, article dated January 2009.

 NEW"S FLASH: I miss her. She was smart, and witty, and talented. She was a character that girls could look up too, when all that was on was that rediculous roswell crap and Desperate Housewives.

  YOu're desperate, ya sleep around and you're writers throw fits, we get it. Where is that helping us? Where is that showing us as young women, that we can make a difference,, we can be smart and pretty and not have to dress like a whore? It's not. And I have yet to see another television program do what Veronica Mars has done. Gossip girl only shows that rich white people can get away with murder and cover it up *ahem-Serena*.

 Vampire Diaries is amazing in a love sick puppy kind of way. It's just like Twilight. Granted, at least they know, that Vampire's don't sparkle and they have to have permission to enter, but even they have stayed on the feminine model path. It seems like Elana is dependent on Stephan. That no matter what he does, like leave her *Cough-Edward*

She'll sit there like a doll and wait for him to return to her.
 If he'll leave you once, he'll leave you again. That goes for Edward and Stephan. What happened to women that didn't need a man to make them whole? What happened to characters like Veronica?

 or the Main Character in Tantalize?

 Or Hermione?

 or Nora in Hush Hush? 

Like the main character in Blood Ties? Like Anita Blake?  Vicki Nelson? Where are those women?? Come out of hiding! We need you! 

P.S. He's so fine.


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