~ Spring Break ~

March 11, 2012

I know I know ( as I dodge flying objects) I haven't written since the first of the month. But school is no joke. Going from not having any due dates, and being able to chill whenever I wanted, to having homework due every other night, is ridiculously difficult. Not to mention that I'm creating assignments with a keyboard that looks like this.

3.9.12- Will met my mother. We had dinner, + Movie ( Man on the ledge. It was decent.) We discovered a really neat gaming place in a super dead mall.

3.10.12- Work!

3.11.12- Work!!!

3.12-15.12- Working/Spending TIme With Fam before Revolutioncon.

My Activities.

 New headphones, can't enjoy them tho, left thy Ipod in Will's car.
 No, your eyes are not deceiving you, yes that is Street FighterXTekken. Be Jealous!
 Books, 9 lives I've read. Murder I'm in the middle of.
Everyone has been wearing these knitted hats everywhere. I really want one. This is the yarn I'll be using.

Mistress Out,


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