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March 1, 2012

 Just school and work mostly, but on our almost weekly trip to members I picked up a small, portable and brand new sewing machine for my dorm room, I haven't been feeling well lately, like I'm functioning and everything, but I just have this sinking feeling I. My stomach that wo t go away and awful headaches.
 Below are pictures of what's been occupying me mostly this week,  my new sewing machine which. Is a singer pixie plus. I also now have the first four seasons of Smallville on DVD coming my way.  Unfortunately only seasons 1 and 3 showed up first! I also have pictures of what was going to be a glove, but I decided to frog it and am now working on a better version in a completely different color and yarn. So once, I actually have something to show you, then I'll upload w.i.p. Pictures!


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