Glorious Organization

July 24, 2012

 One thing I've learned about myself over the years is that I love the idea of organization.  I love drawing labels and making folders and getting things started. However, my downfall is trying to make everything fit in its own spot. If I have a job its folder is on the left but schedules go in this book. Yadda Yadda this that and the third.
 To fix this, I have decided to keep everything in one SPOT! Enter: Vulcan Sugar and Spice: The Facebook Page.  It will act as my homepage/website. Everything is connected to it. Twitter/Tumblr/My shop. Any and all updates will be there. You can go there for anything first and there it will be.
I think this is also a good time to introduce my new group project with amethyst Witch and Nova D. Nerdettes Unite. Where we basically get together and blog about anything nerdy. From Comic books to video games to sea monkeys and zombie Lemurs. We all individually blog else where but here is when we get together and share our awesomeness with you all!

Mistress Out,


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