Honest to Blog: My open Letter

July 26, 2012

 Dear whomever it may concern,
 I am highly offended by the way the world seems to be running as of late. As a woman of ethnicity I do not feel safe in the country that I live in. That country I have lived in ALL of my life. Where has the world gone SO wrong? I didn't have to worry about protecting my status as a woman 10 years ago. I didn't have to worry about my social security benefits being revoked (even though my entire work career a huge chunk gets taken out JUST FOR THAT), if the person I'm mean to be with happens to be another woman. 
 I am becoming more and more aware of the negative light that I am under. I look at other girls on this road and notice that their light is not all encompassing, but it does not make me feel any less UPSET. I want to know why NOW laws and liberties of women are coming into question, then beginning the process of being shipped into the factory of no return. Why are we as women under fire? What have we done? Why in the WORLD in 2000's would a fair pay act for women have to be signed? Why was it not here 12 years ago? Why was it not here 20 years ago? Why does it matter if a woman is on birth control or not? Why does it NOT SEEM TO MATTER to republicans that an abortion is a way out for women who have NO CHOICE. If Men were forced to carry the Children created from rape or incest, I'm sure it would be an issue for them, why do they not see it from our perspective? Why are men changing all the rules for us and keeping them uniform for themselves? 
  Why are people who are sworn in to serve and protect, killing us? Us as human beings. I am just a person. a blip of thousands of people. Why in the world do you want to shine a light on me because I happen to be of ethnicity. The letter is to point out the flaw that is the United States. Why are there so many police involved shootings? Why are there soo many deaths and accidents in general? Trayvon Martin? Manuel Diaz? Junior Lagunas? When asked, why does everyone's answer seem to point to race?
  Why are people so quick to think everyone with an ethnic sounding name, is  an illegal alien? Why are people so quick to FORGET that Caucasians came OVER HERE FROM EVERYWHERE ELSE? Why are people so quick to assume? Why are you so fast to forget how you caused Massive Genocide to Native Americans, You came over, took their land, their jobs, their food, killing them and leaving them by the wayside. Running them out of their towns, and territories, Yet you have the audacity to walk past someone who is Latino /Hispanic/ Asian/ African/ Middle Eastern and yell at them to go back to their own country? Maybe you should follow your own advice. 



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