Welcome to February!

February 4, 2013

It's a new month again Gang! We survived! I know I didn't write a post about January, but since its the beginning of the year, the new years post I wrote would have just been more redundancy. So Lets see what I got accomplished, and whats still left on the the agenda.


- Lose 30 pounds.
-  Get My license
-  Buy My Car
-  Complete all the projects that are piling up in my apartment
-  Attempt a yarn Bombing.
-  Upgrade my camera from a sony point and shoot to a Canon T3i
-  Move somewhere else. 
-  Start up dance classes again
-  Find someone to date who can keep up with me. 
- Road Trip To California with Robyn. 


- Lose 30 pounds.
- Get My license
- Get My STNA License
- Upgrade My Netbook
- Complete all the projects that are pilling up in my apartment.
- Update Nerdettes United More often!

What are you guys planning to do in February?
Mistress Out,
~ Spokhette!


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