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April 12, 2013

I went to the library today to get new books. The one I stopped at happened to be on the way home, but the place was so small, I think it was even smaller than the one by my parents and that one was like the size of a closet. It's at the corner of the street and you can't really see around it until you hit the parking lot, which was full, So I wound up going around full circle like twice before I found a parking space! Jeez louise! 
 Without further ado, Here are the books I got.

Tender Murderers: Women Who Kill by Trina Robbins

Vintage Modern Knits by Courtney Kelly + Kate Gagnon Osborn

Step it up Knits by Vickie Howell

The Red Market by Scott Carney

The Poisoner's Handbook by Deborah Blum

Stitch N Bitch Superstar Knitting by Debbie Stoller.

 I've been on a bit of a serial killer kick lately, Ever since I started watching Criminal Minds all those years ago, I think it might literally be something I want to do. NOT THE SERIAL KILLING, but investigating them, stopping them from killing any more. Detective work and the like. 

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