Upcoming D.I.Y.: Hi-lo Lace skirts

April 18, 2013

 Now we all know that I am not the best seamstress in the world but I try. And I feel that if I can make it myself then I should. Lately there has been a trend in fashion. These Hi Lo skirts with a lace overlay, I think they are absolutely adorable and absolutely WAY too expensive to buy outright, and since hancock was having a sale, I decided to pick up some fabrics that would be perfect for this project.

 I'm almost finished threading my new sewing machine!!! Once I get done, I'll get started on this project, The D.I.Y. Should be up the week after next, Don't forget to join me! Keep an eye out for more D.I.Y Projects soon guys, summer is around the corner and I am back in action!!!

Thanks for reading,
Mistress Out,

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