OOTD: A day in the park

April 5, 2013

 So like I promised ages ago, personal style posts are back in action. Thanks to my best Robyn, I have plenty of outfit posts stacked up for you guys. She is always on me, about making sure I have packed my camera, and she loves taking photos, which is evident by my facebook photo albums. So the other day we went to the park with her neice and nephew and While they conquered the mastadon and sabre tooth tiger, she and I took photos by the water and boat. The weather was so warm, It felt so much like summer I didn't know what to do with myself. Without further a do, here are the photos we took.

What I'm Wearing: A halter bustie Wet Seal, Patchwork skirt Goodwill, MultiPocket from Covington, and shoes from Debs. W

    What Robin's wearing: Black Tanktop, Jeans, Pink and black jordans, jean jacket.

Looking forward to another outfit post soon!
Thanks for reading!~

Mistress Out,


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