FOTD: A day out on the town with the roomie.

June 3, 2013

Hey Gang!
  I know its been sooo long! But you no longer have to worry! I have downloaded a few organizational apps to help me with my super ridiculously busy life! In fact its helped so much that I'm able to just go out and enjoy a day out on the town with my roomie! This Outfit of the day was inspired by my idea of summer, and the necessity of escaping the heat.

 Robyn: Lace Top: Rue 21/ White Shorts: Citi Trends/ Wedged Sandals: Citi Trends

 Moi: See thru Cut out: Rue 21/ Jean Shorts: D.I.Y./ Wedged Gym Shoes: Rue 21

Look forward to more (frequent) updates.

Thanks for Reading!

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Mistress Out,


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