Music Fridays (Baddest Female)

June 14, 2013

 Welcome gang!
  Welcome to Music Fridays. Since VSS is on a M-W-F schedule I decided that I needed something cool and easy to keep updated on Fridays, Because it the most busiest days of my work week. So Music Fridays popped in my head. New Music I have found, compiled with music videos and my personal opinion seemed like a good sell.

Lee Chaerin: CL: Baddest Female

When 2ne1 Came out in 2009 I was ecstatic! An all Girl Korean group that wasn't dripping in Sugar and didn't make my ears bleed, I had to get more. To date, I have every 2ne1 Song ever produced, and My favorite has always been CL. 

When the group first came out they were heavily compared to Big Bang. I think its because they share the same record label. So they're gonna have super similar styles, However, I personally believe that 2ne1 has surprised Big bang in many ways, and have really come into their own. Almost all of them have solo tracks, and I had been waiting sooooo long for CL to have her own Solo song! About a week ago, I got my wish. CL came out with Baddest Female. She's done collabs and covers, and those are alright, I'm particularly fond of her verse on the Leaders with Teddy and G-Dragon. 
 But the Baddest Female is strictly nothing but CL at her best. The music video is enjoyable, I particularly enjoy her "unnie" Dance, and have been trying to learn it for the past week. I love the beat, I love her rhymes and its freaking addicting. Fair warning, once you hear it you won't want to put it down, its been in constant rotation and driving my roomie crazy!

 Looking forward to next Friday when we talk about The Great Gatsby Soundtrack!

Any Music You guys can put down? Leave it in the comments or on Twitter!

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