The Catastrophic Picnic

June 28, 2013

 I don't write about my personal/romantic life on here often, but every now and again, something utterly ridiculous happens and it just has to be shared with the rest of the world. About four or five days ago, I was hanging out with my roommate and a few of her friends and one of them was hanging near me, and talking to me about comic books. A guy who can hold a conversation about comic books with me?! He's already in like flynn, So after that entire day of hanging out, he passes me his number and we text through the night. I wound up falling asleep on him, but cut me some slack I work two jobs. So he invites me to a picnic. The first thing that pops in my head is, 'hey, is this a date?!' So being the honest up front person that I am. I ask him, 'Hey are you asking me out on a date?!' He said yes, replied that it would just be the two of us, so I said I would bring the drinks and he could bring the food, which he said it would. So then he told me that we would meet at Daily Park. And we went on about our week.
 Finally the day came, and I set out on my way to find Daily Park. Everything kind of went down hill after that. The park he was talking about isn't even Called DAILY PARK! When I finally arrived, which was like an hour and a half late, he is waiting there at a bench, not a picnic blanket (like I envisioned) and he had NO FOOD! Yes, readers, you saw it correctly, NO FOOD! He invited me to a picnic, but did not provide FOOD! So we sat there, and talked for a little bit and drank the Jug of Hawaiian Punch, I purchased before hand. Thank Goodness, I did. It was so hot, we had to drink super fast, because the heat was evaporating the beverage! It wasn't all completely ratchet! I got an OOTD out of it! I know its been a minute, so without further a do...
T-shirt: Hot Topic/ Patchwork skirt: Goodwill/ Zebra Sneakers: Debs

 Needless to say, I will not be on a second date, but I thought it was a good way of bringing back VSS, and letting people know that She is Back in business and the hiatus has been lifted!! Get ready to go back to regular scheduling and constant instagram and twitter updates! I update these the most, so if you want to know anything on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday, please feel free to tweet or comment!!

Thanks for reading!
Mistress Out,


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