Cinema #1: Bluebeard ('44)

October 7, 2013

 Welcome to one half of the Halloween related posts for the year gang! Today, I'll be reviewing Ulmer's Bluebeard featuring John Carradine.  So Set in old time Paris, (The movie is black and white) Is about a man, who is strangling young women. Amorie, a puppeteer, meets three young women in the park after dark, Only of which one he is interested in, the only one who hasn't seen his puppet show. They begin to create a repartee and they develop feelings for each other. Amorie is also a painter, and the models he paints mysteriously end up dead and floating in the river. Loosely Based on the French tale of the same name, Conomore the Accursed, and his wife Tryphine.
  I actually really liked this movie and can totally see why it has become a cult classic. Since the movie is in public domain, you can see it for yourself, I won't ruin it for you, But is definitely now a favorite, and Carradine' Piercing eyes, no wonder he was in so many scary movies of the time.

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