Halloween: Me-Tv

October 2, 2013

 So you guys know that Halloween is right around the corner.  Since Halloween is rearing its head, so is my insatiable appetite for anything scary, or kooky, and along with that are television specials! So I'm going to introduce you to a television channel today called Me-Tv. Memorable Entertainment Television.
Basically Like T.V. Land before it got lame. The interesting thing about Me-Tv during Halloween time is that they show scary movies. Not just any old scary movies, but Universal Horror CLASSICS. Which are featured in a show called Svengoolie. Now if you don't know who that is, don't be ashamed, click on the link and get to know him! Super well, BECAUSE he is on EVERY Saturday night, and every night he shows a different scary movie! Being the Lover of old scary movies that I am, I have already DVR-ed it. But I wanted to let you know because just in case you weren't aware, that is FREAKING AWESOME!
 Unfortuantely, for the programming on Me-Tv, it will cut out my usual Batman/Star Trek Block, but since its Halloween time, I think I will survive it. If you decide to join me This Saturday, They will be showing DRACULA!

This Concludes my Halloween Rant, but Preludes, all of the cool Halloween Related posts, that I have For VSS this Month!

Til Next Time,


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