What's In My Bag #2

January 24, 2014

 Usually People split this up into : Knitting Bag/ Makeup Bag things of that nature, but when it comes to my purse, I honestly am not organized enough for that. If it's big enough for a ball of yarn, then it's a knitting bag. As long as it fits then it comes with! A few days ago, I picked up this little green number at Meijers! I've really been into cross body's lately. I think it's because I take my Mini with me, So as long as the Mini fits, I don't really need the bigger bags that I used to take my Laptops in. Unfortunately, My camera, doesn't fit as comfortably as I would wish so I might have to upgrade again when I get paid again...(Sadness)

- Forest Green Cross Body (Meijers')

- Pink and White Wallet (Wal-Mart)

- Ipad Mini (Batman cover/Target)

- 3DSXL Pikachu (Gamestop)

- Ipod Classic 80GB (Amazon)

- WD External Hard Drive 1TB (Amazon)

- Bic Crystal Pens ( I write at work )

What's in Your bag??

Until Next Time Comrades,


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