Comics Round UP #2 : Catwoman 1-26

January 15, 2014

 Hello gang, welcome back! New theme, new ideas and even better, new blogposts! Today, I'm going to blog about my huge crush on fuctional female characters, today I'm gonna talk about Catwoman. Catwoman has been one of my favorite fictional characters since i learned how to read, i was 3.  Selina Kyle, embodies animal prowess, lightning quick mental intellect, and drop dead sex appeal. When DC comics decided to completely redo their most prized possessions in the New 52, they gave Catwoman her own run!!! I was estatic, my ex girlfriend took me to her personal comic book shop and i was hooked. Last wednesday, I bought the four missing issues (22,23,25,26) and I sat down with my boyfriend and started reading them. I'd been collecting them but hadn't gotten around to actually sitting down and reading them. I wasn't a fan of the art at first, after all I had not to long ago read her previous run, drawn by the Great Adam Hughes, my favorite artist of all time. So I might have been a bit biased, but I'd gotten used to it, then out of nowhere, issue 25 (spoilers) which begins zero year, was drawn completely different, it had nothing to do with the current story line, and was a bit hard to follow at first, and then I moved onto issue 26 and the art went right back to normal it kinda gave me whiplash!
  Catwoman's complex relationship with Batman always confounded me.  They say that opposites attract, and they love each other ( At least in my mind) so why does Bruce Wayne find it so difficult to accept it? Is it just because she is a theif? What about her is so inherently evil, that he has to feel that way about
her? She's basically like Robin Hood, and she has her own set of morals, it's not like she's Lex Luthor, or The Penguin, or heaven forbid The Joker. I mean she beat up the Penguin on PRINCIPAL! She's the projects Black knight. How is she worth the anguish Bruce Wayne/ Batman is giving himself? Why can't he just let go and lover her? 

  Regardless, The New 52 Catwoman run is definitely worth a read through, and its not even halfway finished yet!!! Also, if you get a chance, I highly recomment Getting the entire Death of a Family and Zero Year story arcs. (ALthough, I wasn't a fan of the art of Zero Year) Doesn't mean that you shouldn't read it, Not everyone can be Jim Lee ya Know...

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