Last Sunday

June 8, 2014

 Sunday, Alex and I spent the day catching rays of sunshine, lounging in the family pool and watching Both Maleficent and X-Men: Days of Future Past. Even though, I want to tell you all about each particular movie, not everyone has seen it yet, and I will not be blamed for spoilers. All I will say, is Maleficent was extremely empowering especially for a Disney movie. X-Men, literally fixed every mistake they had made. EVER. I was NOT a fan of quicksilver's costume, but hey, everything can't be perfect. But the Movie, unlike Spider-man 2 DEFINITELY lived up to the hype!
 If you were on the fence about going to see either one of these movies, I need you to climb over to the side of yes and go see these movies immediately. As mentioned in early posts, I've been working more, leaving less time to spend with Alex, so we decided that we would have date day and go see two movies! It was super fun having a double feature, the usher/ticket clerk? recognized us, laughed and asked us how Maleficent was, I gave my honest opinion. Everyone in the world should go see that movie A.S.A.P! We went out, and picked me up a bathing suit, and enjoyed the beautiful sun, it was so warm outside, plus the fact that they keep their pool heated, meant I nearly fainted from the heat, but I looked cute, so I didn't complain!   
  We also started Claymore, a (new to me) anime with his family. It wasn't too shabby. Not a fan of the violence. Villages in Japan are being attacked by Youma (Vampires) and the weapons humans have are Claymore, female humans that have been breeded with Youma genes, that can kill them. Sometime's I forget that Alex lives with his brothers. They were trying to get me to watch Queen's Blade. But that shit was NOT about to fly! Silly Silly Boys. 

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