Wish He Was Real #1: Dr. Spencer Reid

June 6, 2014

 I have seen every episode of Criminal Minds. I can be total honest, and say that this television program had some grounding in my decision to change my college major from History to Criminal Justice. Matthew Gray Gubler, is a real person. Flesh and Blood, living breathing and chilling out with famous people. I have a crush on him, I'll be honest. His character, Dr. Spencer Reid, is a bonefied nerd Bedroom fantasy for me. No reason to be shy ladies, I think that man in all his sweater-vest and skinny tie glory, is the fucking bee's knees. The things I would do to that man, would make yours and his toes curl. I am completely and irrevocably in love with this Man. Here are a few reasons why.

- HE IS BLOODY HOT! Short Hair, Curly Hair, Long Hair, Straight Hair, Don't Care He's Fucking beautiful!

- His lack of completely acceptable social interactions and behaviors makes him completely endearing to me. I'm perfectly ok, with his stuttering in public, during speaking. We can hide in the library all day long as he explains to me things I've never heard of or experienced. Maybe we'll experience them together.

- He has his own demons, and needs help dealing with them. His mother's mental health, his feeling of Loss over Prentiss, The loss of Maeve, his kidnapping, I could have been there to help him deal, possibly saved him from the kidnapping. (Who am I kidding?) I think it's extremely exhilarating for a man to actually be able to develop his feelings in words and expressing them. Whether, they are happy or not so happy.

- I wonder if he's a virgin. You gotta think about it, he hasn't been with anyone in all 9 seasons of existence. He never got to with Maeve, and as sad as everyone especially I was to see her go, especially as gruesomely as she did. Maybe I could teach him a few things. He's smart, ridiculously intelligent, just imagine how in handy his physics knowledge might be. He might even discover that my body is a wonderland.

- He's good at his job. Even though he is literally a genius, there are even episodes when he feels like the rest of us, "like he's wasted his potential". What a silly goose. Besides, there's nothing at all wrong about our 8 year gap. I think he'd be cool with that.

 I could literally go on for days, but I know for a fact that most people just kinda skim my blog because my posts tend to be on the wordier side ( Another reason, Reid and I are perfect for each other) so I'll cut this short, and just keep the rest for my dark most inner thoughts.

Until Next Week Sugars,
~Stay Nerdy!~


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