Fangirling: Black Canary

June 4, 2014

 If you ask me any questions about myself, they tend to follow a trend. They will eventually fall upon the track of what I affectionately call, my nerd-isms. The first is always the question who is your favorite superhero? I am a huge comic book fan. When I was working two jobs, and disposable income was rolling in, every Wednesday, I was at my local comic book shop picking up my favorites. Ever since I was little,
Black Canary has always been my favorite Superhero.
  As a young girl, my parents were ahead of the game, making sure I was exposed to every possible strong female role model they could get their hands on. From my mother's side, I was given female detectives, Strong Female nurses, Women from history. My Father's side, Cartoon characters, strong comic book characters, everything fictional I could get my hands on. They became solace, a pillar I could hide behind when things got rough. It instilled in me the attributes that a strong independent woman of color should have. My role models didn't have to look, act, or talk like me to be important to me. They just had to provide me with something that I didn't quite have then, glimpses of attitudes, wit, sarcasm, and special abilities that I wanted to have, I wanted to live up to.
  Black Canary, at least for me, embodies everything that a woman should be. Strong, quick-witted, beautiful, smart, and a match for her lover, Green Arrow. One of the things I like about Black Canary is her relationships. She would protect a loved one just as fiercely as she would protect an unknown passer-by caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Her relationship with Oliver Queen is pure, time tested and worthy of other's jealousy. It's not anything like Bruce Wayne's with Selina Kyle, or Talia, full of sadness, uncertainty and hatred.
   I even love all of her incarnations. Her own series, Justice League of America, Justice League Unlimited, Combat trainer to Young Justice,and she has her own arc teaming up with Zatanna, how can she possibly go wrong?  She's just so (to me) utter flawless! I might be a touch on the biased side. I can't wait until I move into my new place, and there's space for sewing! She's the next project on my Cosplay To Do List.

 Until Next Week!
~Stay Nerdy!~


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