To All People Who...

November 21, 2014

  This is kind of just an open letter, to anyone who feels the need to inform women how to dress or behave. You know the ones, telling us that if we dress “slutty” that we'll attract pigs instead of “real men”, or the “women” who are really girls because they want us to cover up, so we can stop attracting their boys attention and that way they would focus on them, like they should have been doing in the first place. This has been happening a lot lately and it is all over the internet, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter all places that I frequent.
  The reason I feel like I should write a letter to these people are because they are hopelessly ignorant about the way they are making women feel. They think they are doing this for our benefit, as if we didn't perhaps know that them not telling us how to dress would somehow fix all the problems in our lives. The problem is, these people think they are being heroes! “oh, she doesn't know she was dressing like a slut, let me tell her so she'll stop.” No, let me tell you something. All women have brains. Every single one of us.
  I'm using my brain to inform you that calling a girl a slut, or telling her that she dresses like one isn't making you the hero, it's making you the messenger, and you know what I do with those? I kill them. They are unnecessary and are thus dealt with. A slut, is a slur created by men, to put women who have a healthy sex life, i.e. not following society's century old views of how women should behave. It is 2014, the years are long gone, when you should be concerned about how she dresses, or if you have enough goats to give as a dowry.
  A lot of people are attacking women who are comfortable with their sexuality and comfortable with their bodies on instagram. The real issue isn't that the women are showing off their bodies, the issue is that they feel like they can. Woman who are confident in themselves AND their bodies? Why they must be punished straight away! Meanwhile, men/boys can post pictures of their penis for everyone to see, even though 99.9% of the time, they are unwanted, and their profiles are perfectly fine and protected. That right there is a double standard, that has captured instagram at their core.
  There is a war on women and it's gaining power and it's gaining power fast. If we don't pay attention it's going to take hold, and we'll be pushed so far back that we'll never be able to recover! Our voting rights will be stripped from us, We won't be able to have a say in our health, our ability to chose; abortions, or conception will be unavailable, and we will be literally at the mercy of those, who see us as nothing more than birthing machines. I know I was born for more than that, weren't you?
  We need to tell these boys and girls alike, that they have absolutely no say in our lives! If you wake up and you want to wear a miniskirt you can, you know why? Because NO ONE OWNS you. YOU are in charge of YOUR OWN destiny. If you decide that you want to wear the patch or get the implant contraception you CAN, and should be ENTITLED to do so. You should be able to tell a Police Officer about your rape, and NOT BE LAUGHED at. Boys and Girls following this kind of thinking are not your friends and they are not looking out for you or your safety. These boys and girls should have been taught NOT TO RAPE, not victim blaming. Being a victim of rape, has absolutely NOTHING to do with what you were wearing. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with how much you drank. If that person was told NO and they kept going the ONLY person at FAULT IS THEM!
Stop telling Women Don't Get Raped, Start Telling Boys and Men NOT TO RAPE.
  Stop telling Women to cover themselves up because it makes your boyfriend's eyes wander (Get a more loyal boyfriend.) or it makes you feel uncomfortable, because GUESS WHAT! I damn sure wasn't put on this earth to make your insecure ass comfortable, I was put on this earth for a lot more then to earn your “respect”, and I was damn sure put here to do more then to listen to you over and over tell me that I'm not wearing enough clothes for you. Also, that tired as tale that ya'll keep spinning, Women with class cover up? I only have one thing to say to you. Class is a state of mind, not a clothing choice.




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