Cinema #5: Big Hero Six (Spoilers!)

December 3, 2014

 I just got back from a great date night! Alex and I went to the mall where I got a new "work bag" (Another Post) and went to go see Big Hero Six. It came out on our one year anniversary and we'd made plans to go see it, and make a special event out of the day, but unfortunately, life got in the way. So I've pretty much been biting at the bit to see it and avoiding all internets until I saw it, I didn't
want anyone ruining anything about it for me. Now, if you haven't seen it, don't keep reading, because I'm going to talk about what I liked and What I didn't like, and that would mean Spoilers. You've been warned...

 - I just have to be honest, I am truly in love with Baymax. I literally want Baymax everything. T-shirts, Pillows, Hoodies and Plushies, I wanna be BayMaxed Out!

- I hate Tadashi's death. I hate how he died, I hate that he basically died for nothing, I hate that this story was just another in a long line that tells everyone that you should be nice, and selfless, and that it will pay off when it's all over, even though, it doesn't and that the evil guy and the "less" evil guy get exactly what they wanted, A.K.A. They win, further perpetuating the idea that the nice guy finishes last.

- I came to the conclusion, that Aunt Cass is a future animated version of me. Sitting alone in her living room, watching a scary movie in the dark, eating popcorn and petting her cat, yep that has me written all over it.

-  For a Disney Movie, it was filled with danger and action. I was very surprised at the amount of violence and despair that was in this movie. I liked it, don't get me wrong, but the movie took a lot of turns that I wasn't expecting in a movie with Disney's name on it.

- I love that the environment for the movie is a futuristic mix between San Francisco and Tokyo, in my opinion two of the coolest cities around. I personally think that living in that mixing pot of cultures and people could be massive amounts of fun.

- I love that Hiro calls the college Nerd School, and then once he meets Tadashi's rag tag group of friends, all of a sudden he's desperate to get into the school. I also adore the designs of Honey Lemon, and Go Go. Showing girls that it's cool to like science and math, cool to get into "being a nerd" because unlike all the other examples "ahem, Barbie" they could really use a decent role model.

- Can I just say that Hiro's project for attendance into "Nerd School" was jaw droppingly amazing! Just think about all the possibilities that his nano bots represent; changes to transportation, healthcare, teaching, building, Construction, literally everything. There's no place that his nanobots couldn't help.

- I am unsure how I feel about that phrase; Woman Up. I think it was cool to use a phrase from the women to the guys, that put the women in a power position, but I did like the way they portrayed Honey Lemon and GoGo, and that with a little expansion those characters could be role models for little girls everywhere!

- Why Did Hiro have to lose everyone? What lesson was he taught? His parents, his older brother and then Baymax? How was that fair? Callahan only "lost" his daughter, killed another person, almost killed another one, and destroyed a school and part of a city and yet at the end of the day he will still get to see his daughter in jail. Where is the justice? Where is the evening of the score, where is Hiro's pay off for being a good guy.

 All in All, it was definitely a movie I enjoyed watching. It is definitely a movie to add to your collection. I've been scouring the net for a Baymax plushie pattern, it's even been added to my list of future projects, if you've been keeping up with instagram, you've already seen it.

Until Next Time,


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