Cinema #6: It Follows (Spoilers!)

March 30, 2015

Hi Gang!

 This Past weekend I went to go see It Follows with Alex. We left out super early so we stopped by Gameworks, where I taught him a little something about Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 and I enjoyed a Daiquiri. I wasn't carded for my daquiri, but when I went to the kiosk to buy our tickets, I was carded for the movie! That's Not how this works, that's not how any of this works! Below are my thoughts on the movie. Please remember that these are my personal opinions, and that not everyone is going to agree with me.

- Why does IT have no name? They just called it, IT for the entire movie, I mean, I guess that works, but if it is supposed to kill all the way back until the person who started it, why didn't someone come up with a name by now?

- Why does IT walk so slow? Hugh said it wasn't dumb, but it was slow. I am confused as to why it moved so slowly? Was it a shapeshifter? Or was it just an illusion? Where did it come up with the different skins it wore? How is she supposed to get rid of it? Just keep running for the rest of her life?

- Is the movie supposed to be set in an older time? or Are they just poor? What is that Sea Shell Contraption that she was reading on? It was like Ariel's Kindle, I liked it. I wasn't a fan of all the Book excerpts, the writing was trying to be "deep" when it really wasn't.

- Why did Jay have to have sex with Paul? It was completely obvious that he had feelings for her. If she truly wanted to be with him, they shouldn't have needed to have sex. He was the only one that would have been able to see if the person following her, was real or Not. with him having sex with her, now neither of them know if the person behind them is IT, or just a person.

- I think this would have been a great propaganda film in the 80's for abstinence only Sex Education. It had the whole vibe of Don't have sex, you could die literally. Don't have sex, it will come back to haunt you if it isn't with your Husband/Wife.

- The music score was fantastic! It was moody, it was thrilling and it was catchy. I had bits and pieces of it bouncing around in my head for the rest of the night and this morning. I would definitely be interested in purchasing the Soundtrack.

- If IT can get into your home, why is she hiding in all of these places that makes it super easy to find her? If someone/thing is after me, there is no way, I would be on a swing in the playground, or sleeping on top of a car ON TOP not IN IT, in the middle of the woods. A lot of what Jay did just DID NOT make sense to me. I know its a scary movie, but that doesn't mean we need a "heroine" that is a moron, we want someone that is going to think like we are.

- There was just no closure to the film. I just wasn't satisfied with the end of the movie. I still had a large amount of questions, and no one in the theater, left with a knowing smile, that showed that they understood or enjoyed the film. It was my first scary film in theaters, and honestly, I was totally let down.

If you guys have seen it, what did you think about the movie? Lets talk about it on Twitter!!!

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